Music for Babies, Volume 1: From Playtime to Sleepytime

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Music for Babies, Volume 1: From Playtime to Sleepytime

The Mozart Effect

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Studies have shown that classical music has a powerful effect on the intellectual and creative development of babies from the very youngest ages to:

- regulate natural body rhythms

- aid memory development

- stimulate rhythmic movement

- reduce the stress of new life

- enhance auditory and emotional awareness

- induce relaxation and sleep


Don Campbell, musician, teacher and author of the best-selling books The Mozart Effect® and The Mozart Effect for Children, has selected some of the best of Mozart's music to stimulate and inspire young minds, improve intelligence, and help develop the IQ.

Based on scientific and psychological studies and up-to-date research in learning and creativity, the music on each of these recordings has been carefully selected according to tempo, key signatures, color and texture in order to provide a rich listening and learning experience for all children.

The Mozart Effect® Music for Babies Volume 1 - From Playtime to Sleepytime is a three-dimensional recording for active and interactive play and creativity, the transition between play and sleep, and then soothing, restful compositions to gently cradle your baby to sleep.

Features excerpts from Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Variations, Flute Quartet in C Major, Serenade No. 9 in D Major, Symphony No. 25 in G Minor and music young Wolfgang may have heard when he was a baby: his father Leopold's composition of The Toy Symphony.

"This easy-on-the-ears CD consists of carefully arranged musical works of Mozart as well as that of his father, broken up into 3 tracks that can be played during play time, transitional periods, and sleep time. It will easily become a staple in a baby's (and caregiver's) routine." - Review Corner, Four-Star Review

"...a well-constructed compilation...delightful!" - Classical Singer

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