Music for the Mozart Effect:Volume 2, Heal the Body

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Music for the Mozart Effect:Volume 2, Heal the Body

Jeno Jando & Concentus Hungaricus

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Music for The Mozart Effect®
Vol 2 - Heal the Body
Music for Rest & Relaxation
Don Campbell

Designed to soothe and relax your body, and reduce mental and emotional stress. It’s perfect for unwinding at the end of a long, busy day, and will help you achieve a state of calm and tranquility in the face of the pressures of modern life.

Drawing on his work with pioneers in the field, a wide range of medical and psychological research, and nearly 20 years experience training thousands of educators, health professionals and individuals, Don Campbell has selected, sequenced, and edited world-class performances of Mozart's most powerful compositions. Even if you rarely listen to classical music, these recordings will help you achieve the powerful transformations described in his landmark book, The Mozart Effect®.